The All River Species Act 2021 (wip)

AI, Coding, Speculative

This project takes as its starting point the granting of legal personhood to the Whanganui river, and the potential world-building tools we can learn from this event.
Our process began by trying to find a voice or voices for the river. We explore the inadequacies of legal frameworks and, by extension, the ability of language to accurately capture and define a river ecosystem in all its facets. We pondered where a river begins and ends: exploring the perspectives, experiences and happenings in the lives of non-human dwellers. We explore indigenous ways of being with the river, interweaving rituals and stories. We try to capture the song of the river and the spirits of the river and the many voices within. We aim to create our own river policy and processes for engaging with rivers in their totality.

Working together on this project are: Lily M, Cristina, Nayeli, Ibelisse, Jenny, Anna, Jemma and gpt2.

Click here to read the All River Species Act 2021