I am a designer and researcher working across technologies and disciplines. My work investigates systems, infrastructures and ecologies via active methods of research, enquiry and collaboration. I was named as a Rising Star by the Service Design Fringe Festival.

Subterranian Plans

Visualisation, Research, Site, Climate Change

An investigation into a current oil drilling proposal on the Isle of Wight. Using kite aerial photography, photogrammetry and AR I am generating alternative ways of visualising the site. How can the public visualise, interact with and understand ecological implications of the plans?

project blog

Now Make This

AI, Arduino, Prototyping

What happens when designers follow machine generated instructions? This  AI device generates sets of instructions for projects. Prototyped using Arduino and a thermal receipt printer, and AI text generated using GPT2 Neural Network.

Pre-Enactors Guild

Rising Star Award 2019,
Service Design Fringe Festival
Prediction, Performance, Participatory Futures

I designed a Guild and performative research body to bring together people who use prediction as part of their discipline. Collaborating with a renowned Psychic, a City Stock-Broker, a Local Resident and an Engineer, I documented their predictions for a new housing development in Deptford. Using rendered hoardings as a set, the  uncertain future of the development is in question when the public collectively enact the predictions into reality. Through these participatory processes of roleplay, rehearsal and speculation, the pre-enactment is a tool for understanding prediction and reclaiming contested futures. The Guild published ‘The Pre-Enactors Almanac’ as its first research journal.