Lily McCraith

  1. Becoming-with Proteus 
  2. AI Pedagogies
  3. Master Pondkeeper Digital Twin
  4. The All Rivers and Species Act
  6. Potential Energies
  7. Lost Notes
  8. Soft//Quest

  1. We go in a circle and end up writing a book residency
  2. Pre-enacting Predictions
  3. Knowledges of Novichok
  4. Cold Water Club
  5. Midge Press


Becoming-with Proteus

Research project and Film
Fabrica Research Centre 2022-3

‘Donna Haraway says “in becoming-dog one does not acquire fur or paws”. In becoming with you I find myself attuned to a multi species world’
Becoming-with Proteus documents a series of research-based encounters with the cave-dwelling 'human fish', or 'baby dragon'. A journey through caves, laboratories and archives explores the interconnectedness of human activity and subterranean ecologies.

Developed in dialogue with researchers, biologists, archivists and kite makers, the project explores questions such as; Which creatures do we care about and make kin with? How might subsurface intelligences and communities help us to consider the protection of shared common life-sustaining resources, such as groundwater?

Film and accompanying souvenir shop exhibitied at ‘Here becomes elsewhere’ group exhibtion at Fabrica Research Centre, February 2023